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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Why canít we say tongue-twisters?


tongue.jpgWhy canít we say tongue-twisters? What happens in our brain that means we canít say them?
Mike, Dagenham


** Definitive **
Name: James OíBrien
Qualification: Talks a LOT
Answer: You can say tongue-twisters, just slowly. Your mouth is full of muscles, so when you try to say some phrases, it canít move to the correct shape quickly enough and you stumble over the words. Itís the same reason that you canít run the 100m as quickly as Usain Bolt. Itís nothing to do with your brain.

** Stewardís Enquiry **
Name: Sandy, Crawley
Answer: Your body physically learns how to walk and how to move your mouth. Your mouth learns to speak saying the words that you say normally, so when you come to repeat a tongue-twister that you say quickly, the brain doesnít get the message through to the mouth. The reason you canít run 100m in nine seconds is that you havenít practised enough.
(James OíBrien: Rubbish Ė itís not to do with the brain)

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