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Monday 29th August 2016
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Why can't you get Bombay Duck any more?


What happened to Bombay duck? It used to be a starter in all UK restaurants, but you can't find them anywhere now.
Tom, Chiswick


Name: Andrew, Richmond
Qualification: Restauranteur
Answer: It's the smell police that stop them. A friend of mine was making Bombay Duck, but it's a hygiene issue. You're not allowed to make Bombay Duck in the UK now as it contravenes hygiene laws. You can still get it in India and other places that have different laws.
(James O'Brien: It was banned for being too smelly? No way! I've got colleagues that should get that!)

Name: David, Sutton
Qualification: EU knowledge
Answer: It's not a formal ban on Bombay Duck itself, but a ban in practice of the ingredients imported from India. They can only come from EU-approved facilities and in practice, there are no EU-approved facilities selling the right kind of fish prepared in the right kind of way. It has to be dried and packed in the correct process. My source tells me it is available from one facility, but none is sold in this country.