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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Why did fascist armies goose-step?


Why do generally fascist governments do the goose-step? What is the point of it?
Ian, West Molesey


** Definitive **
Name: Tom, Guildford
Answer: Goose-stepping was invented by the Russian army to strike fear into the heart of the enemy. Hitler saw the Soviet army marching and was very impressed as it seemed so intimidating, so used it prior to the Poland Invasion. It was deemed not useful for battle, so was dropped soon afterwards. It’s got nothing to do with circulation.

Name: Peter, Brixton
Qualification: I asked a soldier!
Answer: It’s to do with exercise and circulation. There are two soldiers situated outside the parliament building in Athens. When they do their goose-step walk, I asked why they walked like that and he said because they are stood there for such long periods of time, it is a way that they can get circulation going in their legs.
(James O’Brien: Interesting, but why did Hitler’s army goose-step?)