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Friday 26th August 2016
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Why do all sports go anti-clockwise?


When rollerskating, why do humans have a natural propensity to move in a anti-clockwise direction? It's the same with running tracks and iceskating. Why is that?


** Definitive **
Name:  Malcolm, Watford
Answer: Itís because our heart is on the left-hand side. As itís pumping, if you run the other way, because of gravity, it could cause you some problems. In Australia they recommend running the other way to avoid hurting their left side.

Name: Neil
Qualification: Professional dance teacher
Answer: Greek mythology suggests that anything that goes clockwise is a sign of evil. People go anti-clockwise around the dancefloor as Queen Victoria enforced it, believing that if we went clockwise, we would be inciting the devil. This was in the exam I took to get my qualification. That's at least why we go anti-clockwise in the UK.

Name: James O'Brien
Qualification: Keeper of Common Sense
Answer: The majority of the population are right-handed, making it seem more natural to go anti-clockwise. When you push off with your right foot, it automatically pushes you in an anti-clockwise direction.

Name: Vinny
Qualification: Clearly none!
Answer: I can't go definitive, but I think it's the same reason that we drove on the left. It's because people needed to keep their sword hand free and that was usually the right-hand. It's why we go clockwise around roundabouts.
(James - we go anti-clockwise around roundabouts, so I'd hate to be driving behind you!)