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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Why do ambulances have to go to all calls?


My friend works in the Ambulance service and they have to respond to every single call that comes in – even if it is for something like a sore shoulder or period pains. Why do they have to go to all callouts, even the obvious timewasters?
Kelly, Chertsey


** Definitive **
Name: Barry, Croydon
Qualification: Ambulance worker
Answer: They don’t go on blue lights to every call. When you call the operator, they will fill out a form and the computer will make an assessment on how important the call is. If it’s red 1 or red 2, you get a blue light response. Amber 1 usually gets a blue light response, but amber 2 and greens get a non-emergency response, where the ambulance will turn up, but not with blue lights.

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