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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Why do arms itch when you cycle on cobbles?


One from my nine-year-old daughter: when we were cycling along a cobbled street, our arms got really itchy. Why does that happen?
Vicky, Eltham


** Definitive **
Name: Boyd, Maidenhead
Qualification: Did Health and Safety Course on Jackhammers
Answer: When you hold on the handlebars firmly, it causes a slight restricting blood flow and going over cobbles causes a great deal of vibration, which slightly damages the nerves. As she stops, the blood starts to return and the nerve endings repair, so you get a very mild dose of pins and needles. In roadworks, when you use jackhammers in the road, you have to use special gloves as it kills the nerve-endings due to the gripping and nerve endings.

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