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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Why do bins have a decibel rating?


Moulded into our wheelie-bins, there is a decibel-rating moulded in. What does that have to do with bins?
Martin, Marlow


** Definitive **
Name: Dennis, Buckhurst
Qualification: I read it in a paper
Answer: I’m embarrassed I know this, but it’s connected with the material the bin is made of. The decibel rating is based on the noise you get when you clang it together. So metal would be very high and plastic lower. This decibel rating also determines the rigidity of the structure.

Name: Tom, Sunbury
Qualification: Skip driver
Answer: The reason is that when they are on the back of the refuge truck, that is the maximum noise it’s going to make.
(James O’Brien: But it’s the truck that makes the noise, not the bin.)