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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Why do girls curtsy, but boys bow?


curtsyOne from my daughter Pip: Why do girls curtsy, but boys bow?
Penny, Reigate


** Half-definitive **
Name: Theo, Ealing
Qualification: Can bow
Answer: Men bow as a sign of respect and trust - to show you are not afraid of them. If you bow, you are running the risk of me stabbing you, so it shows that you're sure.
(James O'Brien: Doesn't help with curtsying though - unless women can't bow because we could see down their tops.)

** Other half-definitive **
Name: Charlie, Walton-on-Thames
Qualification: Costume-maker
Answer: Women curtsy do their headpieces or tiaras didn't fall off when the bow. That's why men take their hats off when they bow.

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