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Wednesday 17th September 2014
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Why do moths come out at night, but butterflies don't?


butterfly.jpgWhy do moths come out at night, but butterflies don't?
John, Rainham


Name: James O'Brien
Qualification: Don't really need one for this!
Answer: Because they are different species. That's like asking why do owls come out at night, but pigeons don't? They are not the same creature. Moths are nocturnal. Butterflies aren't.

** Definitive **
Name: Sandy, Crawley
Qualification: Used to collect butterflies
Answer: Moths do come out in the day. There may be some nocturnal varieties, but many are usual. They come out at night as they look for a mate. Butterflies can only fly when there wings are warm, which is why we only see them in the day and during summer.

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