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Monday 8th February 2016
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Why do people get a 41-gun salute?


With the arrival of the Royal Baby a lot of people have been asking why the baby recieved a 62 gun salute.

it's a question that previously came up on James O'Brien's weekly Mystery Hour show  - every Thursday midday to 1pm - about a visit by Barack Obama and here is the answer:



Barack Obama had a 41-gun salute in his honour. Who decides how many guns a dignitary gets and what do the number of guns mean?
Martin, Richmond


** Definitive **
Name: Steve, Bexley
Qualification: Trivia that I happen to know
Answer: The standard Royal salute is 21-guns and is reserved for Heads of State. When the salute is given from a Royal Park, an extra 20 guns is added, hence the 41-gun salute. There is also a 124-gun salute, which is when the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s birthdays occur on the same weekend and is given from the Tower of London. It’s 21-guns, plus 20 for being from a Royal Fortress, plus 21 for it being the city of London. That’s 62 guns each.


Royal Baby additional explanation:

The Tower of London is performing a 62 Royal Gun Salute to celebrate the birth of the Royal Baby boy.

So twenty one are to mark the royal occasion, a further 20 are fired because the Tower is a Royal Palace and a further 21 rounds will be fired for the City of London.