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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Why do people 'tie the knot' at a wedding?


I just got married - why do people say we tied the knot?
Nick, Watford


** Definitive **
Name: Becky, West Mooing
Qualification: I've been to Anglican weddings
Answer: In the Anglican church, after the vows, the couple are asked to stand next to each other, then the priest wraps a stole around the couple and says "Let no man put asunder".

Name: Reena, South Croydon
Qualification: Have been to Indian weddings
Answer: It dates back to colonial India, as when Indians get married, the bride and groom are tied together with the man with a scarf and then they take seven steps around a fire.
(James O'Brien: I reckon it goes back further than that.)

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