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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Why Do Some People Salute Palms Forward, Others Palm Down?


When I was watching the Remembrance Day service most people saluted with their palm facing forward. Princess Anne and one I other I saw (not sure who) had their palm facing down in a horizontal salute. Is there a reason for this? Is it significant?
Bryn, Worcester Park

James - the horizontal way looks quite American. Not that Princess Anne is American. There is surely too much etiquette involved for it to be accidental.


Name: Ian, Romford
Qualification: Work for the London Fire Brigade and they share a lot of tradition with the Navy. You used to have to be from the Navy to be in the London Fire Brigade.
Answer: In the Army they salute with the palm out but in the Navy they salute with the palm facing inward. In the Navy your hands get dirtier and you don't want to show your dirty palms to your superiors. Princess Anne is part of the Navy.

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