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Monday 29th August 2016
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Why do tube trains have unused door buttons?

Tube train - newQuestion

On the London Underground, why do they have buttons to open the doors, as they open automatically?
George, Barnet


** Definitive **
Name: Tim, Ashtead
Qualification: Tube driver
Answer: There is a switch behind the driverís head which they turn off with two positions Ė operator and passenger.  London Underground donít want passengers in charge of the buttons as itís quicker to get people on and off.  The buttons are there as the trains are made generically for underground systems around the world. On the Central Line in the outer stations, the buttons are sometimes switched to passenger.

** Additional Definitive **
Name: John, Luton
Qualification: I work for London Underground
Answer: The trains are built for London Underground exclusively, so itís not just a standard function. The buttons used to be used, but we were finding that more people were getting stuck in the doors during that time. It was considered dangerous Ė as people would try to leave the train late, try to open the doors and the doors would then close on them. So the edict was made from up high that the driver should be responsible for opening and closing the doors. But trains with doors are still made to give London Underground the option to change if needs be.