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Friday 26th August 2016
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Why do two types of screw exist?


screwWe’re refurbishing our barns at the moment, so I want to know: why do we have two types of screw - a flathead and a Philips screw?
Emma, Regent St


** Definitive **
Name: Dominic, Watford
Qualification: Carpenter and cabinet maker
Answer: Slothead screws are the old traditional type and very few people use them nowadays, unless they are making reproduction furniture and want it to match the old style. The Philips – or posihead – allow you to get better grip and you can’t damage the head of the screw.

** Embellished definitive **
Name: Mark, Teddington
Qualification: CDT teacher told me
Answer: Flatheads were more aesthetically pleasing, so if you’re making something with screws on the outside, you’d use flathead screws.

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