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Monday 29th August 2016
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Why do we get on planes from the left?


Why do we always board aircraft from the left-hand side?
Obi, Barking


** Definitive **
Name: James, Luton
Qualification: Plane sense
Answer: Aircraft are boarded on the left-hand side and serviced on the right-hand side. Catering, cleaning, petrol etc. It’s done for convenience.

** Extra definitive **
Name: Jamie, Chelsea
Qualification: Father flies a plane
Answer: It’s because that’s the side the captain of the plane flies from. As he’s sitting on that side, it’s easier for him to bring the plane in to the gate on that side.

** Ultimate definitive **
Name: June, Nottingham
Qualification: 28 years in the industry
Answer: The doors on the right-hand side of the aircraft are always smaller than the doors on the left, as they are classed as service doors. So while the plane is on the ground, the catering is brought in through the right-hand door, the refuelling is done on the right. And that doesn’t interfere with boarding passengers on the left.

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