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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Why do we say "having a beano"?


Where does the phrase “having a beano” come from – as a synonym for knees-up?
David, Sidcup


** Joint Definitive **
Name: Ken, Dagenham
Qualification: I just know
Answer: It’s the shortened version of bean-feast, which is from public schools having an after-hours feast.
(James O’Brien: But what does bean-feast mean?)

** Joint Definitive **
Name: Jeff, Worcester
Qualification: Used to work at dockyard
Answer: Bean-feast day is correct. I used to work at Woolwich Arsenal and we used to have an extra day’s holiday called Bean-feast day.  We got the afternoon off. It’s got a naval origin, supposedly as King Henry VIII came down to the Woolwich Dockyard and they had a bean-feast. It was commemorated ever since.

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