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Monday 29th August 2016
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Why do we "toast" a bride and groom?


At a wedding, why do we make a “toast” to the bride and groom? Where does the word “toast” come from?
Sam, Shepperton


** Definitive **
Name: Alan, Dudley
Qualification: Interest in words
Answer: In the old days, they used to think adding toast to wine gave it flavour, so at a wedding, when the bride had a new name, they said that the new name gives flavour to the wine, so they toast her.

Name: Sean, Surrey
Qualification: Knowledge of Naval vocabulary
Answer: It’s actually from the Navy. When a ship was going abroad, they took wine and they put a slice of toast on top due to the sulphurous content inside – it kept it good. When they wanted wine to celebrate, they asked for a toast.