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Thursday 25th August 2016
Max 25°C | Min 19°C

Why does is my house colder in winter when thermostat is the same?


In the winter, our thermostat says 17 and it feels freezing, but in the summer, it says 17 and it feels warm. Why is it different?
Dani, Epping


** Definitive **
Name: Gary, Holborn
Answer: Andyís got it wrong. Your thermostat is usually put in the coldest part of your house, mostly the hallway.  So the hallway will be 17 degrees, but the rest of the house wonít be Ė as the rest of the house is not controlled by that thermostat. In the summer, the rest of the house will be warmed by outside heat.

Name: Andy, Mill Hill
Qualification: Condensation and ventilation specialist
Answer: Itís to do with the relative humidity.  The body cools down by sweating and in a humid atmosphere, youíre going to sweat less. Itís less humid in winter, so you will feel colder at the same temperature.
(James OíBrien: You might be right, but Dani didnít sound like the kind of person who sweats!)