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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Why does tapping a coke can stop it exploding?


When you shake a coke can and then tap the top three times, why doesn’t it explode everywhere?
Mick, Hayes


** Definitive **
Name: Wayne, Bromley
Qualification: Rainman
Answer: When you shake the can, you get lots of bubbles forming in the liquid on the inside surface of the can. When you release it, the bubbles shoot out, forcing the liquid out. But if you tap the top, you cause vibration and the bubbles dissipate from the side of the can and move to the top.

Name: Michael, Park Lane
Qualification: A regular can-opener
Answer: When you tap the top of the can, it knocks the gases inside the can to the bottom, so when you open it, it doesn’t go pop.
(James O’Brien: Nonsense, your explanation is wrong?)