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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Why doesn't it hurt when adult teeth arrive?


goldtooth.jpgWhen babies teeth and they go through a lot of pain, why when you lose your teeth at seven, do you not get pain?
Ellsworth, Bexley


** Definitive **
Name: James O’Brien
Qualification: Full set of teeth
Answer: Use your noodle. Here is a tissue of pain and I’m punching a hole in it, that hurts, doesn’t it? Now, the person behind me  has followed me through it. That doesn’t hurt as much, does it? It’s because the hole is already there.

** Steward’s Enquiry **
Name: Iris, Ruislip
Qualifiation: Dental nurse for 40 years
Answer: I’m usually scared to phone you James, as you’re so clever, but you’re wrong on this. Twenty baby teeth fall out and are replaced with 32 adult teeth, which don’t hurt when they come through. Teething in babies doesn't hurt as much as people believe. Most people blame teething instead of something else when a baby is stroppy or tired or hungry.

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