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Monday 29th August 2016
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Why don't chocolate chips melt in cookies?


Why don’t chocolate chips melt when they’re put in chocolate chip cookies? They stay as a solid form.
Ian, Croydon


** Definitive **
Name: Dean, Beaconsfield
Qualification: Work in a chocolate factory
Answer: When the chips are made, they are formed by being melted into a mould. When they are made, they are created using High Heat Skimmed Milk Powder. When the cookies are cooked, they go through an oven, a cooling space, then another oven, so it  raises fairly quickly and the chips don’t change shape. They would be soft, but still have structural integrity and would not change shape.

(James O’Brien: Ian in Croydon, I would like to implicitly apologise during the course of our conversation that your question – and by association you – were in some way stupid. I was completely and categorically wrong, not only to do so, but also to think so. Sorry.)

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