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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Why donít taxi drivers wear seatbelts?


Why donít taxi drivers have to wear seatbelts?
William, Old Street


** Definitive ** - REVOKED
Name: James OíBrien
Qualification: Taxi driversí favourite
Answer: Itís to ensure that passengers canít strangle them and steal all their money.  The rule dates back to the time before the plastic screen was introduced. I think minicab drivers also have the same exemption.

** Definitive **
Name: James, Epping
Answer: We donít wear a seatbelt as we have to get out the vehicle to help passengers with their luggage on a regular basis.
(James OíBrien: Wrong. A courier has to get out a lot, but they have to wear a seatbelt.)

** Confirmation **
Name: Howard, Woodford
Qualification: I own a fleet of black cabs.
Answer: Iím afraid James from Epping is right. A taxi driver doesnít have to wear a seatbelt due to passenger safety, not their own safety. Itís one of those very old Hackney Carriage rules.