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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Why don't you see kangaroos in zoos?


kangarooWhy donít you ever see Kangaroos in zoos in the UK? Iíve never seen one there.
Maureen, Stanwell


** Definitive ** - REVOKED
Name: Caleb, Surrey
Qualification: Iíve seen them!
Answer: Marwell Zoo near Southampton does indeed have kangaroos in the zoo. I think they had over 10 kangaroos there.
(James OíBrien: Oh no, weíve been told they were wallabies, not kangaroos!)

** Definitive **
Name: Philip, Waltham Abbey
Qualification: Iíve seen them!
Answer: I was at Linton Zoo, just south of Cambridge with my two and a half year old boy and there was a single kangaroo there.
(James OíBrien: Maureen, how much research did you do for this question? Linton Zoo is only about 40 miles away!)