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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Why is Charlie Brown's roundabout so called?


My stepson asked me this: Why is Charlie Brown’s roundabout so called? My granddad, who is a bit of a fibber, told me a man called Charlie Brown had squatters rights on a house on the roundabout and it was named after him.
Stacy, Upminster


** Definitive ** - REVOKED
Name: Grant, Hainault
Qualification: Lived in the area all my life
Answer: There used to be a Truck Cafe called Charlie Brown’s and the roundabout was named after that.

** Definitive ** - CONFIRMED
Name: Roy, Woodford Green
Qualification: Lived here for 56 years
Answer: The man above is completely wrong. The Roundabout pub was built in the 1920s on the north side of where the roundabout is now. The roundabout is so called because when Charlie Brown’s pub on the docks was pulled down, he was given the tenancy of the roundabout. It was a sort of freak show, full of all these curios. The cafe across the road was called Ted’s Cafe.