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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Windows 7 HTC Trophy

windows7phoneWhat is it?
The first smartphone to host the Windows 7 mobile operating system.

What does it do?
It does all the things a top quality smartphone does - multi-touchscreen, video, web etc. The 5megapixel camera will take sharp images, while it comes with a stand that makes it ideal for watching video.

What is it like?
Windows 7 HTC Trophy phone is a power-packed piece of kit and a big departure from Microsoft previous mobile phone incarnations.

The bright mutli-touch screen is very responsive and, after a little time using it, easy to navigate. It uses a system of virtual tiles for functions like mail, Facebook and Twitter with very large and clear text.  Microsoft have really tried hard to make this a social networking ready piece of software and it succeeds.

It can be a little off putting since the Facebook tile running a slideshow of photographs of all your friends every time you glance at the home screen and visiting websites can be a bit cumbersome with much of the site not visible and the need to pinch and zoom all the time to read it can be irritating.

The 5MP camera takes bright, clear shots but the video function disappoints.

However, Windows 7 mobile will live or die by its app store. Zune has finally hit the UK so there is music to buy and download. However when it comes to apps, there is not a lot to choose from yet.

While your Android and iPhone pals have hundreds of thousands of apps to get on with, it may be some time before with Win 7 mobile user to catch up. While it is early days, finding new apps was a time-consuming business with the store often being unavailable or failing to complete the download. These teething problems will fade away with time, but considering Windows 7 phone has taken a year to get here, I’m not sure why its so difficult to get the detail right.

If you're a hardcore XBOX gamer, the XBOX Live functionality will appeal and those who cannot do without Microsoft Office, Word and Excel work well given the tiny 3.8 inch screen.

All in all, it's a competent phone.  I like the the feel of Windows 7 mobile OS and its clear text and social networking integration.  It’s lack of third-party mutli-tasking is irritating but not a deal breaker. As for the phone, its screen attracts grease marks galore, so you’ll need a cleaning cloth handy at all times! The wake-up button is fiddly and annoying and it doesn’t have the same wow-factor when it comes to build quality. A £25 a month contract gets you the phone for free, so Windows 7 fans may find it hard to resist.

Free with a contract

3.5 stars out of five. More information available from