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Friday 26th August 2016
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The Woman Sacked Because She Had A Tattoo

Thursday 10th July 2014

A woman has lost her job after bosses discovered she had a tattoo.

butterfly tattoo
Image: INS

Jo Perkins had a four-inch butterfly design inked on her foot when she started working at Salisbury FM in Milton Keynes, but then management introduced a 'no tattoos on display' rule.

They then terminated her contract after she decided not to cover up her tattoo.

Ms Perkins said: "The only way to cover it would be to wear a sock. Iím a businesswoman and I wear smart dresses to work, so that would look stupid.

"I suggested covering it with a sticking plaster, but thought that would look unprofessional and draw attention to it."

Salisbury FM insist they terminated her freelance contract after she refused to abide by company rules.

Company spokesman Graham Sievers added: "The policy on tattoos was launched in June and all the line managers made everyone fully aware of it. Her tattoo was visible. It is not a ban on tattoos. It is a ban on visible tattoos.

"She was not marched off the premises, but asked to leave because she refused to comply with the company policy."