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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Wormwood Scrubs 'Filthy, Overcrowded And Dilapidated'

Wednesday 3rd September 2014

Inspectors have criticised one of the country's most notorious prisons as 'filthy, overcrowded and dilapidated'.

wormwood scrubs

Officials said that Wormwood Scrubs in west London was unsafe and that prisoners' needs weren't being met.

Nearly half of inmates indicated that they had felt unsafe during their stay in the prison, inspectors said, while 22% felt unsafe at the time of the unannounced inspection in May.

The report added that some cells designed for one prisoner were occupied by two and a number of windows were broken with some exposed shards, while many of the toilets were filthy. 

Chief inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick said: "This is a very disappointing report. Major structural changes in late 2013 had led to a significant reduction of resources.

"We were told that one consequence of this was that a large tranche of experienced staff had left very quickly and that this had been destabilising, not least because the prison had found it difficult to recruit replacements.

"There was some recent evidence that important steps had been taken to arrest the decline, but there was still much to be done.

"We highlight many concerns in this report, not least the safety of prisoners, especially those at risk of self-harm, environmental standards and the need for better access to activities."