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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Would a claustrophobic get special treatment in prison?


A family member is claustrophobic. What would happen if they got sent to jail? Would they get special treatment or counselling?
Karen, Ascot


** Definitive **
Name: David, Farnborough
Qualification: On a prison monitoring board in London
Answer: Whenever a prisoner is taken to a prison, he's always assessed upon arrival. There's always a healthcare professional to see if there are any difficulties. For that first night, there will always been someone monitoring the new arrival. If there is an issue of claustrophobia - or any other illness - the individual will be transferred to a healthcare unit. Most prisons have got healthcare units, whether it's an in-patient unit or a primary care unit. Most healthcare units have four or six-bed bays like in hospital, where the prisoner might have to stay.

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