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Saturday 27th August 2016
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XBox Kinect

KinectWhat is it?
Formerly Project Natal, this is the new type of controller for the XBox, where you don’t actually have a controller. Gadget Guru Darren got an exclusive invitation to play with an early version.

How does it work?
You put a small bar under your TV and it scans your body when you stand in front of it. Then it recognises you when you return.

What’s it like?
The 10-pin bowling game was great fun – and I was the best they have ever had on the game (I’ve got to be good at something!). You literally just  stand in front of the TV and do the bowling action. It’s very entertaining. It doesn’t allow you to cheat by sitting down like you can with the Wii.

It will appeal to families and currently, there are lots of sports games planned for it. It will need other games to overcome the popularity of the Wii.

Price: £129, plus XBox 360 at £145.
Available from: 2nd November 2010