Wedding guests expecting to spend more this year

23 May 2022, 16:04

A married couple holding hands
Wedding. Picture: PA

A third of those planning to fork out more said they want to celebrate with friends and family they have seen less of during the pandemic.

People attending weddings this year expect to spend more than those in 2021, a survey has found.

On average, this year’s wedding guests predict they will fork out £883, up from £847 among those attending weddings last year, according to American Express.

The total includes costs such as accommodation, travel, outfits and hair, beauty and grooming.

A third (33%) of those planning to spend more this year said this is because they want to celebrate with friends and family they have seen less of due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Guests typically expect to spend £119 on hair, beauty and grooming this year, which is £35 more than the £84 people typically said they would spend last year.

People also typically believe their outfits will set them back £159 this year, up by £29 compared with an average spend of £130 in 2021.

Accommodation costs are expected to hit £154 on average this year, up from £118 in 2021.

With petrol and other transport costs having increased, the estimated cost of travelling to the wedding celebrations this year was typically put at £160, up from £137 in 2021.

While the pandemic has meant many people had smaller weddings than they were expecting, nearly half (46%) of those surveyed said they expect weddings to continue to be smaller and more intimate even though restrictions have been lifted.

Those attending a wedding this year estimate there will be 66 guests, on average. Only one in six (16%) estimate there to be more than 100 guests at weddings they are attending this year.

– Some 2,000 people were surveyed in April.

By Press Association