CCTV: Pedestrian Catapulted 65ft In Shocking Hit-And-Run Crash

11 February 2019, 16:07 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:21

A driver who ploughed into a pedestrian and catapulted him more than 60ft through the air before driving off has been jailed.

Haider Mirza hit a 29-year-old man as he drove his Audi down Normanton Road in Derbyshire on November 5 2017.

Shocking CCTV shows the victim flying through the air in the hit-and-run cash.

The pedestrian suffered serious, life-changing injuries and is still recovering.

The shocking incident was caught on CCTV
The shocking incident was caught on CCTV. Picture: Derbyshire Police

Mirza, 21, of Crewe Street, Normanton, was arrested and charged in December 2018.

He pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving, driving without a licence, failing to stop after an accident and driving without insurance.

He was sentenced to three years and four months on Friday.

Haider Mirza, 21, has now been jailed
Haider Mirza, 21, has now been jailed. Picture: Derbyshire Police

Det Sgt Darren Muggleton said: ““To this day, it still amazes me that the victim survived being struck at such speed and thrown so far through the air, and I’m sure anyone who watched the footage will have been equally as shocked. It is only by luck that we are not talking about somebody’s death.

“The victim was left with significant, life-changing and ongoing injuries as a result of what Mirza did. Not only did Mirza leave the scene of a serious collision, but he then failed to come forward despite numerous appeals for information.

“I’m pleased that he is now facing justice for what he did and I hope this sentence sends a message that we will do everything we can to find people who commit offences such as these, and put them before the courts.”