Have You Seen This Dog? CCTV Shows Callous Family Steal Miniature Dacshund

10 December 2017, 16:13 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:21

A family used their children to steal a miniature sausage dog that was tied up as its owner visited a motorway service station.

This is the moment which broke a pet owner's heart after her poorly dog was snatched from a service station by heartless dognappers.

Sophie Macaskill, 37, was travelling home to Manchester with friends when her mini dachshund called Ruby became unwell and was sick in her car.

They pulled over into Rivington Services, near Chorley, Lancs., to clear up the mess and had tied Ruby up outside the entrance to the services for a 'really short' time.

But that was enough time for callous thieves to strike and kidnap the poorly pooch - who is currently receiving treatment from a vet after being mauled by another dog.

Ruby, the stolen miniature dacshund
Ruby, the stolen miniature dacshund. Picture: Sophie Macaskill

Sophie, of Manchester, said: “I’m just so anxious - I can’t stop thinking about her.

"I keep waking up in the night - I’m just so incredibly worried. She’s not in great health and needs her medication and an operation.

"I tied her up outside the services so I could use the toilets and she was there for a really short amount of time.”

Lancashire police confirmed they were investigating reports of a dog theft from Rivington Services on Sunday, December 3.

Ruby's side profile after she was mauled by another dog
Ruby's side profile after she was mauled by another dog. Picture: LBC

Detectives are asking for anyone who can identify the people in the CCTV images to get in touch.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Ruby was last seen at Rivington Service Station on the M61, on Sunday when her owner went inside to use the facilities.

"We believe Ruby may have been stolen and are investigating."

Anyone with information should call police on 101, quoting SC1709369.

Watch the CCTV at the top of this page.