Horrifying Moment Harrods Workers Beat Up Homeless Man In Trafalgar Square

21 December 2018, 16:45 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:21

Two workers from Harrods are facing jail after attacking a homeless man in Trafalgar Square who later died in hospital.

Footage has been released by the Met showing the moment that the two Harrods workers chased down the homeless man and proceeded to beat him up.

The video starts off with the victim seemingly running away from something, when a man from behind suddenly launches at him swinging, and punches the victim to the floor.

The victim seems to hits the floor with a hard thud and appears to be immediately knocked out cold.

Trafalgar Assault Homeless Man
Picture: Metropolitan Police

Another man then runs into the frame and appears to draw back his leg and kick the victim's now lifeless body with force.

The two attackers then simply turn away and walk off nonchalantly.

Passers-by stop in their tracks, apparently shocked by what they have just witnessed, and a couple approach the victim on the floor as they try and check on him.

Trafalgar Square Assault Homeless Man
Picture: Metropolitan Police

The two attackers are now facing jail after their victim died, having been hospitalised suffering from a serious head injury.

Lucas Antunes, plead guilty to manslaughter at the Old Bailey. The 22-year-old had punched Desmond O'Beirne after the homeless man had asked for a cigarette and been refused.

Antunes' friend, Luis Abella then kicked the 51-year-old victim. Luis Abella admitted to a lesser charge of attempted assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The victim, Mr O'Beirne, had allegedly threatened to 'shank them' at around midnight on June 3rd, 2017, when the pair had refused to give him a cigarette.

Mr O'Beirne died on December 20th last year. He had suffered a serious head injury and clung to life in the Royal London hospital after a screw was fitted in his skull, but he later caught pneumonia and died.

The pair are set to be sentenced at the Old Bailey on February 8th.