'Please, please save me' victim stabbed at illegal rave in Manchester begs police

18 June 2020, 19:54 | Updated: 18 June 2020, 20:48

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Police in Manchester have released shocking footage of a stabbing victim begging officers to save his life after he was knifed at an illegal rave in the city.

Now Greater Manchester Police have set up an operation to stop illegal raves happening across their force area after 6,000 people attended two separate events on Saturday, ignoring coronavirus restrictions.

One man died, three people were stabbed and a woman was raped during a night of illegal raves near Manchester over the weekend.

Officers are now asking the public to tip them off about any future gatherings and have released body-worn video footage of the response to a stabbing at last weekend’s illegal rave in Carrington to show the dangers.

A police spokesperson said those attending an illegal rave face the prospect of arrest and prosecution.

"They are utterly unacceptable and we will do all we can to prevent them from happening," GMP said.

Officers said they were aware that there are possible further illegal raves being organised for this coming weekend.

The force revealed there will be a dedicated policing operation in place, and warned there will be "a much higher police presence in potential hot spot areas."

GMP also said they were liaising with neighbouring forces across the North West and working alongside key partners to identify and determine where events may take place.

The shocking moment was caught on police video
The shocking moment was caught on police video. Picture: GMP

Assistant Chief Constable Nick Bailey hit out at rave goers, he said it was a breach of coronavirus regulations and had "tragic consequences for some attendees after one young woman was raped, three men stabbed and a teenager sadly lost his life after a suspected drug overdose."

The chief officer also said emergency workers found it hard to get to those who were injured or victims of crime.

He told LBC: “There is also the key issue of accessibility for emergency service workers. If something goes wrong, there are clear plans and procedures in place to ensure that whoever is in trouble will be able to receive the assistance they need – whether this be from paramedics, police officers or security guards."

The senior cop warned: "In an unlicensed event like the ones we saw last weekend, on some occasions, emergency services workers struggled to get to people who were in need because of the sheer number of people who were in attendance and the non-existent planning around crowd management and safety.”

The Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said: “What happened last weekend was unacceptable, putting a huge strain on police resources and putting people’s lives at risk. I want to minimise the chances of this happening again, which is why I have asked GMP to develop a clear multi-agency action plan with the aim of preventing or disrupting any future raves. Lessons have been learned from these incidents, and I’m pleased GMP will be taking a more robust approach to events like this in the future."