Two men arrested after licking hands and wiping on supermarket food

8 April 2020, 18:27

The Sainsbury's store in Morecombe
The Sainsbury's store in Morecombe. Picture: Google

By Maddie Goodfellow

Police have arrested two men after CCTV emerged of two people licking their hands before wiping them over food in a supermarket.

The pair entered a Sainsbury's in Morecambe, Lancashire on Saturday afternoon.

They can be seen on CCTV licking their hands before wiping then over vegetables, meat and fridges in the store.

Staff had to disinfect the entire shop and destroy multiple products.

Lancashire Police have arrested two men after images of the pair were released to the public.

Inspector James Martin, described the pair as"utterly despicable".

He said: "That anyone could think this sort of behaviour is appropriate or amusing, even in normal times, is beyond me.

"But at this time of crisis when many people have been faced with empty shelves in shops it is flabbergasting."

Speaking directly to the men, Inspector Martin said: "You must surely know that what you have done is wrong."