Knife and fake suicide vest attack on guard at HMP Whitemoor treated as terrorism

10 January 2020, 12:51

BREAKING. Picture: LBC News

By Kate Buck

An assault inside a prison which left five guards in hospital is being treated as a terror attack after police confirmed the two assailants used fake suicide belts.

The two attackers approached one of the guards after the cell doors were opened shortly after 9am yesterday morning.

It is believed they used make-shift knives during the assault to stab him in the head and neck.

Both also had belts with various items attached, leading officers to believe they were wearing fake suicide belts.

Other guards who then detained the pair were injured in the fight to secure them.

In total, five officers were taken to hospital for treatment, all of whom have been released.

Both men who carried out the attack remain inside the prison. No arrests have been made at this time.

There is nothing to suggest the threat exists outside of the prison, detectives say.

The investigation is being conducted "at pace."

A prison service spokesman said: "The incident was quickly resolved by our brave staff and our thoughts are with the injured officers at this time.

"We do not tolerate assaults on our hardworking officers and will push for the strongest possible punishment."

HMP Whitemoor has a capacity of 400, and currently houses Category A and B prisoners.