Thugs Batter Each Other With Xmas Wrapping Paper In London Brawl

20 December 2018, 12:12 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:21

The footage shows a group involved in the mass brawl which took place on a busy street near Angel station in London.

In the bizarre clip, thugs bring traffic to a standstill when they start wrestling and hitting each other in the middle of busy Islington high street.

At one point in the video, the men even club each other with what appears to be rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.

The video seems to begin in the middle of the shocking fight as a group of men wrestle by traffic lights.

Some of the group appear to kick a man who is on the floor, and a screaming woman can be seen desperately trying to intervene.

Meanwhile, another man beats someone around the head with what appears to be a roll of wrapping paper. The man repeatedly batters him with it until he tumbles into the bin behind him.

Mass Brawl Angel
Picture: News Dog Media

Meanwhile in the background, several other men begin to pick up black backs of rubbish from the ground and start to throw them at each other.

The camera pans back to the pair of men who had been fighting earlier and the two are now brawling in the middle of the road, as vehicles can be seen approaching.

The pair of men bring traffic to a standstill as they punch and wrestle each other in the way of the traffic.

Mass Brawl Angel
Picture: News Dog Media

Another man then seems to runs over to the pair and start randomly beating them with a cardboard box.

The woman returns and again tries to break the pair up but instead the two sparring men fall into the road.

Car horns blare as the brawl continues but the group eventually fall over across the road and appear to appear to stop fighting.

It is unknown why the fight started.