Watch The Moment A Moped Rider Is Stopped With A 4-Year-Old Helmetless Passenger

27 June 2019, 17:10 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:21

Watch the moment a biker protection group stop a moped which is being driven with a helmetless 4-year-old girl standing on the front.

Dash-cam footage from group Biker Biker, who aim to help recover stolen motorbikes, shows the moment one volunteer pulls up alongside the moped after discovering that one passenger is a child without a helmet.

The video said the group were called to reports of a possible stolen bike "after two youths were chased and had dismounted the bike."

The text on the video said that when they arrived they saw a moped that seemed to be looking for the same bike.

As the driver carefully follows the the moped he can be heard radioing his colleagues to alert them to the presence of the child, and asking them to avoid the area.

As the moped rider becomes aware of the vehicle behind him he pulls over and stares at the BikerBiker car.

The little girl can be seen on the front of the moped.
The little girl can be seen on the front of the moped. Picture: Facebook / BikerBiker

Winding his window down, the driver can be heard to say: "I cannot believe what I'm seeing right now!"

When the moped rider apologises the BikerBiker member tells him how dangerous it is.

During a tense exchange the girl's true age is revealed to be just four-and-a-half.

Blocking the moped in the rider is told to walk the little girl home.

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