This Row Between Andrew Pierce And The RMT Boss Over The Daily Mail Is EPIC

10 January 2018, 07:57 | Updated: 10 January 2018, 08:06

Andrew Pierce and RMT boss Steve Hedley were involved in a furious row over Virgin Trains' decision to stop selling the Daily Mail.

Mr Hedley, previously known for his meltdown during an interview with Nick Ferrari, labelled the newspaper "racist and vile", but struggled to give any specific examples to back up his view.

And then, in a bizarre outburst, the union chief then became livid when he was asked a question and started screaming "Let me speak, let me speak, don't interrupt me".

Andrew Pierce and Steve Hedley clashed on Ian Collins' show
Andrew Pierce and Steve Hedley clashed on Ian Collins' show. Picture: LBC / PA

Mr Hedley said: "The Daily Mail has been consistently anti-immigrant, it's been consistently racist in its views. It's a vile rag, it's an absolute rag."

When Ian Collins asked Mr Hedley why it's racist, he responded: "Well, it is racist."

Ian asked for specific articles to back that up and the RMT chief could only say: "I'll tell you why. They report stories about immigrants, that they're spongers, that they make no contribution to society, when the opposite is true."

Andrew hit back: "This is the usual bile from the left wing, spraying the air with allegations with not a single fact to back it up."

Mr Hedley then said the Daily Mail never reported stories about white rape gangs and when Ian told him he was wrong and asked him another question, the union boss shouted to stop interrupting him and accused him of being in the "bourgeois right-wing media".

Things then got even more heated. Watch the full clip at the top of the page.