Darren McGarvey: Inequality Creates Opportunities For Politicians Like Farage And Sturgeon

13 November 2017, 10:41 | Updated: 13 November 2017, 10:50

A growing sense of dissent is developing among the working class and it's creating opportunities for politicians, says Darren McGarvey.

Darren McGarvey describes himself as "one of those formerly 'poor people' vomited up from the gaping class wound at the heart of British society."

He got out of smoking crack because he heard a knock at the front door as the pipe was passed to him. He got out of structural poverty, alive, and acknowledges the cliche.

Speaking to Ian Collins on LBC, he warned that a growing sense of dissent among the working class was creating opportunities for certain political operators.

He said: "This is finding expression most recently with the constitutional struggles that are going on in the UK. Whether it be the independence movement or Brexit.

"I'm not drawing an equivalence between the two, but basically political people move into place where there's an opportunity to exploit or advance a political agenda.

"There's so much inequality that people are beginning to doubt political institutions, they're beginning to doubt government, they're beginning to doubt news, they're beginning to doubt journalists.

"So someone presents themselves as a solution and it's just Russian roulette what sort of political polarity that person is speaking in.

"Is it a Nigel Farage type of person, is it a Nicola Sturgeon type of person? Whatever floats your boat.

"It's wealth polarisation, it's a decline in social standards, it's people going to work for 40 or 50 hours a week and not feeling like their heads above water.

"There's a real appetite of dissent growing out there."

Watch the clip above.