'Theresa May Won't Debate Corbyn, Because She Knows He'd Win'

5 May 2017, 02:52 | Updated: 5 May 2017, 03:56

Former Labour media advisor believes Theresa May doesn't want to debate Jeremy Corbyn outside of PMQs - because she knows he'd win.

Matt Zaab-Cousins, former Labour Media Advisor, clashed with Gavin Barwell from the Conservatives about why Theresa May won't debate with Jeremy Corbyn. 

Matt said: "The Conservatives biggest asset is the perception the public have of Theresa May, the key word there is perception, because if they trusted Theresa May, if they didn't think she was a liability, then they would trust her to debate Jeremy Corbyn."

Iain Dale said: "Well hang on, she's at 48 to 50 per cent in the polls and you're guy is half that."

Matt replied: "And the Conservatives know that if Theresa May were to debate Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy would win. He would win the debates because-"

Iain interjected: "How do you explain the fact that her personal poll ratings are sort of hugely favourable, and Jeremy Corbyn's are hugely negative. There has to be explanation."

Gavin added: "She got the highest ever rating in the Ipsos MORI comparison."

Iain said: "But why is that?"

Matt said: "I think there's a number of reasons."

Watch the clip to hear him explain.