"He's Sad Because He Can't Just Go": Heartbreak Of Dementia Sufferer's Wife

1 May 2018, 16:49

Ian Collins talks to the wife of a dementia sufferer who wants to see euthanasia be made legal in order to end her husband's life 'with dignity'.

Joyce, the wife of a man with advanced dementia, told Ian Collins that the disease has taken her husband's personality and she wants to see his suffering end.

She said: "He's now in a home in the end stages of his life and I wish that somebody could just give him an injection and let him go with dignity.

"My husband would not want this for himself.

"He's not the man I married, not at all.

"There are times when you can see etched in his face that he's so sad and frustrated because he can't just go", she added.

Currently under the 1961 Suicide Act, a person who assists suicide may be liable to up to 14 years in prison.

But a case to be heard at the Court of Appeals this week is set to challenge that.

Terminally ill Noel Conway is set to challenge the current law on assisted suicide, asking judges to acknowledge his "basic right to die".