Hijabs In School Uniforms Create Division, Says Ian Collins

4 September 2017, 08:35

Ian Collins said the people who allow school children to wear hijabs are creating division, despite thinking they are doing the right thing.

Some school uniforms for primary schools have included a hijab for children as young as five.

Ian thinks the headmasters believe they are doing the right thing - but are in fact causing far more problems than they are

Ian Collins was angry that hijabs have been added to school uniform
Ian Collins was angry that hijabs have been added to school uniform. Picture: LBC / iStock

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "We've seen a plethora of news stories of late where people who think they're doing the right thing after are so fundamentally doing the wrong thing.

"You are creating division, you are fostering the very issues that you believe you are attending to

I'm pretty sure whatever worthy halfwit gave the green light to five-year-old kids wearing a piece of religious headwear that is in fact banned in some of the most religious countries in the world, I'm pretty sure that that person thinks on paper they're being a very nice person indeed. And of course they are not being anything of the sort.

"Whatever headteacher gave that the go-ahead should probably be removed from teaching because you're causing the problem. You are the problem.

"You think you're the solution and yet time and time again, we return to the same theme. You are the problem not the solution."