Anti-Brexit Campaigners Launch Parody Of Leave.EU's Breaking Point Poster

7 March 2019, 12:54

An anti-Brexit campaign group have hired the same van used by Leave.EU to release an updated version of their controversial Breaking Point poster.

Brexiters unveiled the poster the week before the EU referendum, showing queues of refugees lining up to come into Europe under the slogan 'Breaking Point'.

Now Led By Donkeys have created a new version, with the same phrase, but showing some of the leading Brexiters.

Underneath, it reads: "The Brexit elites have failed us all. The UK is being swamped by a tide of incompetents."

On the poster are the key players behind Brexit, ranging from Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg to Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

The new Breaking Point poster
The new Breaking Point poster. Picture: LBC

The campaign group hired the same van that the original poster was on and even launched it in Smith Square, where it was first shown.

A statement from the group read: "It's not desperate people fleeing war who have brought our country to the brink. It's not refugees who are threatening our access to cancer drugs, closing our factories and crashing our currency. Children seeking asylum aren't responsible for a policy that could see Britain suffering food shortages. All of that is on Farage and his hard right Brexit allies."