Donald Tusk: There's A Special Place In Hell For Brexit Leaders

6 February 2019, 12:24

Donald Tusk has said there is a special place in hell for the Brexit leaders who supported leaving the EU without a plan of how to do it.

In a speech alongside Irish leader Leo Varadkar, the European Council president insisted the EU was not making "any new offer" to Theresa May on the Brexit deal.

He also confirmed they were making plans for the UK leaving without a deal.

And as he finished his speech, he ended with the strongest line yet: "By the way, I have been wondering what that special place in Hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan to carry it (out) safely."

Donald Tusk making his controversial speech
Donald Tusk making his controversial speech. Picture: PA

It definitely wasn't a slip of the tongue. Straight afterwards, he tweeted the same line.