“Nigel Farage Won’t Be In Post-Brexit Government”

15 June 2016, 11:36 | Updated: 26 April 2018, 15:40

Ukip MP Douglas Carswell says that Nigel Farage would not have a job with the government in the event of Brexit.

It has been rumoured that Nigel Farage had been offered a job by Boris Johnson if Britain votes to leave the EU on June 23.

While taking calls in the LBC studio, Iain Dale asked Mr Carswell whether there was any truth to this. The MP for Clacton swiftly shot down the idea.

“I think you can take this with an enormous mountain of salt. There’s zero chance.

“I don’t think there’s any prospect of the government giving Nigel a job if we vote to leave.”

Mr Carswell, who was a Tory MP until 2014 when he defected to Ukip, went on to say he supported David Cameron remaining Prime Minister even if the country does vote to leave the EU.

“I think if we vote to leave, I suspect David Cameron will stay on as Prime Minister.”

“Would you welcome that?” Iain asked

“Do you know, I would actually. And let me tell you why; I believe in direct democracy, I believe in having a referendums to decide things.

“Give him some credit. He’s giving us a referendum.”

This is a serious point of disagreement with Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who is calling for the Prime Minister and Chancellor to step down immediately in the event of a vote to leave.