Lorry Driver Heckles People's Vote Campaigner: "How Many Votes Do You Want?"

12 February 2019, 12:17 | Updated: 12 February 2019, 12:24

This is the moment a furious lorry driver stopped during an LBC interview to heckle a People's Vote campaigner.

Labour member Bashir Ibrahim was outside Jeremy Corbyn's house in north London as part of a stunt to show how young voters' anger at Brexit.

He was urging the Labour leader to back a People's Vote, when a lorry driver pulled up alongside them.

He shouted: "How many votes to you need to get the answer? We've already had one vote."

A lorry driver heckles a People's Vote campaigner
A lorry driver heckles a People's Vote campaigner. Picture: LBC

Mr Ibrahim gathered himself and then responded: "The vote was to allow the process to begin.

"However, it's clear to see that the Brexit that was promised and the Brexit that is being delivered are miles apart. It's time to go back to the people for them to sign off.

"Having more democracy can never be a bad thing."