Is Theresa May Leading A Zombie Government?

29 April 2019, 17:11 | Updated: 29 April 2019, 17:34

LBC's political editor Theo Usherwood breaks down the current government paralysis and how upcoming elections may affect Theresa May's premiership.

With the Brexit deadlock continuing, LBC's political editor Theo Usherwood joined Shelagh Fogarty to answer the question: "is Theresa May now running a zombie government?"

Theo explained: "The talks between senior figures within the Conservative party are continuing with Labour but there's no real sign of a breakthrough.

"It's now clear they are not going to bring forward another possible meaningful vote until they have the support of Labour, but Labour aren't giving it to them.

"So we're now just in a state of paralysis."

Shelagh reacted by saying: "This is ridiculous."

Theo continued: "The next big thing is Thursday's local elections.

"We've seen Lord Robert Hayward's suggested take on that - that the Conservative's could lose a thousand seats.

"That would amount to their worst defeat in local elections since 1995.

"That's going to be a moment.

On the European elections, Theo said that a poor result for the Conservative's could result in the influential 1922 committee of backbenchers moving to act against the prime minister.

Later, Shelagh said: "If you could nit something that makes people going out to vote less likely, this would be it, wouldn't it?

"The government doing nothing, nothing happening if the government are doing nothing, a whole series of elections happening that are terrible for said government probably - nothing."

Watch the full clip with Theo and Shelagh above.