This Caller Had Some Good Advice For Jo Swinson

30 August 2019, 21:27

Malcolm in Bodmin called in to tell Jo Swinson to get on board with backing Jeremy Corbyn in a national unity government.

Ayesha Hazarika took this call, not expecting his assessment of Britain's political situation to be amore lucid than most politicians.

Malcolm mentioned the important fact that more and more moderate MPs were considering backing Jeremy Corbyn has interim caretaker prime minister.

Citing Ken Clarke, the 'father of the House', as one of those who have changed their minds, he appealed to the recently elected Liberal Democrat leader to overcome their differences and work together to stop a no-deal Brexit.

There has been ongoing animosity between Labour and the Liberals in recent years, with Corbyn taking aim at the Lib Dems' austerity record in coalition, and Jo Swinson criticising Labour's indecision on Brexit.

Whether she will take Malcolm's advice, however, remains to be seen...