No-Deal Brexit: Experts Tell Us How Leaving EU Without A Deal Will Affect British Business

22 March 2019, 07:12 | Updated: 22 March 2019, 07:16

Lorries queue up on the M20 towards the Port of Dover
Lorries queue up on the M20 towards the Port of Dover. Picture: PA

The UK has been given a Brexit extension until 12th April unless MPs vote for Theresa May's deal, leaving us open to a no-deal Brexit on that date. Here's what it would mean.

The status quo position on Brexit is that if a deal isn't agreed, then we leave without a deal.

So how do you separate Project Fear with Project Fact? LBC spoke to a range of business leaders from fishermen and fruit buyers to freight and terror police to find out what the UK will look like in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

How No-Deal Brexit Will Affect Fishing Industry

Fishermen are among the most ardent Brexiters, angry with the Common Fisheries Policy, which they say severely hampers their business LBC reporter Matthew Thompson went to Fraserburgh to speak to them and, while they still want to leave the EU, the bosses of the company warn that the customs problems caused by a no-deal Brexit may kill the industry.

How No-Deal Brexit Will Affect Fruit And Vegetables

A fruit and vegetable buyer for a major supermarket told James O'Brien the reality of how food supplies and prices would be affected in a no-deal Brexit - and it's not good news. From increased tariffs and prices to simply not being able to get enough fresh fruit and vegetables, John painted a bleak picture.

How No-Deal Brexit Will Affect UK Security

The UK's most senior counter-terrorism police officer is warning a no-deal Brexit would be "very bad" for the security community in the UK. Neil Basu says it would mean a loss of access to EU data systems, and it would be more difficult to extradite criminals and terror suspects.

How No-Deal Brexit Will Affect Medicines

The Chief Executive of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has told LBC a no-deal Brexit "should be avoided at all costs." Mike Thompson's revealed the Government has plans to airlift medicines into the UK, if there's major disruption as a result of extra border checks. He says the building of stocks for a no-deal scenario is the "biggest logistical challenge" the industry has ever faced.

How No-Deal Brexit Will Affect The Freight Industry

The chairman of a major British freight company has told LBC that they won't be able to cope if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. Nick Ferrari spoke to Ian Baxter, the Chairman of Baxter Freight, one of the UK's fastest growing logistics businesses who said his company won't be able to deal with the huge increase in customs checks that would come with a no-deal Brexit.

How Prepared Is The UK For A No-Deal Brexit?

This expert gave a fascinating in-depth guide to the UK's readiness for a no-deal Brexit - and he admitted he was more confident than most people. Robert Hardy used to run the biggest 24hour customs freight terminal at the Port of Dover and is a former Director of P&O Ferries. He's now the Operations Director of Oakland Invicta, a Brexit Planning Agency. And he explained that a no-deal Brexit gives the industry a challenge, but he insists reports of chaos are wide of the mark.